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Paul lee young non-state-owned economy people elegant demeanour 】 【 : the hotel industry a business card

Date: 2016-08-08

Shanxi Province coal of datong, the national tourist resort.The ancient city of many hotels, there are 60 years of glorious history of datong datong grand holiday hotel, the hotel and will definitely be in the same industry leader.Hotel has first-rate banquet hall, conference room, courtyard garden and parking lots advantages, and constantly innovative dishes, launch a service innovation, trying to Internet + management mode, create the first brand to datong wedding market, as many tourists to datong tourist hotel of choice.
Datong datong grand hotels and holiday inn datong hotel industry benchmarking, behind a young handsome head, is Paul lee.Paul lee study abroad, study of communication engineering specialty, the research direction is the communication channel, to enter the hospitality industry is, there is a complicated course.
"Returned home after graduation, I entered the SONY Ericsson communications products (Beijing) company is responsible for the mobile phone SIM card to test module, after more than a year to complete the various testing tools script development tasks assigned by the company. In this process, I'm very interested in business management, can apply to the company and responsible for mobile phone testing project opportunities. In order to improve project management ability, I took part in the project management training, one year pass the PMP (project management experts) test and obtain certificate, since then have a further knowledge of enterprise management and practice."Paul lee said.
SONY Ericsson valuable work experience, let Paul lee from technology researcher become technical managers, latent entrepreneurial passion to ignite it also makes his bones.In 2009, he began to venture, investment 100000 yuan to set up electronic security companies, but failed in the wave of intense competition.Paul lee didn't lose heart, but to make a comeback."My graduation thesis is the research and application of the MD5, always wanted to do electronic security products, but the dream shattered, I chose resolutely back to my hometown to develop business, development again."
In 2009, Paul lee return from Beijing to datong, the choice, let him into a whole new industry."Datong grand holiday hotel is an international brand hotel managed by intercontinental hotels group, the investment lacks a founder is both local experience and understanding of international management talents, I was fortunate to be selected to participate in hotel management as a representative of the investor."He said.
New area to start a new start.Paul lee, from scratch him from the hotel opening preparation and participation, use what they have learned the project management of purchasing management and contract management, procurement and asset management responsible for the hotel, on behalf of the owner and management company to coordinate all kinds of affairs...Although is a new field, but he did it in an orderly way."In the face of career transition, I am a layman, to strengthen learning. After work, I have to learn the hotel professional knowledge, constantly sum up the experiences of hotel management, one step at a time, from the perspective of enterprise management, has been thinking about how to manage a hotel."Director Paul lee of the entrepreneurial spirit and result, recognised by investors.He gradually promoted to general manager of China, from the employer representative and general manager will be entirely responsible for.In 2012, at the same time as the datong hotel general manager.
Changed, professional career transition, but Paul lee constant is "dry line of love a line, loves a line is a line."As a young general manager, he has his own management idea and method."In business, I always adhere to the letter, take quality as this. I firmly believe that only the innovation and development, branding, attaches great importance to the talented person, the development of cultural, the enterprise vitality can last for a long time."In the face of datong hotel system, personnel, aging problems, Paul lee bold reform system, abnormality is hiring young people, strengthen staff training, promotion of broadband salary system, break the inherent higher income must be higher than the lower income, to develop the overall marketing reward system, fully arouse the enthusiasm of each employee."I always think is the most important assets of enterprise employees, enterprise only has talent, talent innovation and development, the hotel industry leader, became the cloud services datong tourism."Paul lee said.