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Located in the heart of Datong,  the Garden Hotel (Huayuan Dafandian) is a comprehensive hotel offering both leisure and business facilities. Datong's main sights,  including Shanhua Temple,  the Drum Tower,  and other cultural hotspots are within a few minutes' walk.
Dining options include a Chinese restaurant that combines Chinese favorites with a Brazilian BBQ served up by Brazilian chefs.

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住客评论 589条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • DeBear
    Hotel value for money high, warm and thoughtful service, location, free parking, rooms spacious and comfortable.
  • e00515408
    Good, room is clean ... very comfortable, it is suitable for long term travel comrades!
  • sigoya
    That's no problem
  • ccd2121
    Excellent service and facilities.
  • coolaut
    Very good, very warm. breakfast is not much, but it's good
  • btm_0571
    Inside the city, the ancient city wall, ISKCON Temple are very convenient
  • mengbaolian
  • cjeric
    Breakfast was good, room clean and tidy, fruits and chocolate
  • ivory_0419
    That's good?
  • sergiow
    Which is very nice
  • lln888
    By office location
  • envoyanan
    Hotel is very good, the staff especially praise!, breakfast is very good!
  • Amanda_Mama
    Great location, poor service, food,
  • blueallenx
    It's out of this world. breakfast is very petty. Nice. waiters send fruit, in line with the price!
  • g0201288
    great central location to visit datong, and very helpful business / tourist centre in the ground floor to organise trips to the nearby points of interest.
  • synning
    Room facilities, health status, service, breakfast quality is quite satisfying. location away from Huayan Temple, Confucius Temple, very close to the drum tower, and within walking distance to, if considering the above attractions, recommended staying here, very convenient. If next time Cosmos, required here!
  • p5989366
    Very good place
  • fengtao1204
    Everything was fine. Best located. Will stay here again.
  • jessicalu
    As always excellent service or lack of is in place is very intimate and unique shower? allow us to adjust the angle of the man standing in the shower room could not flush to the lower half is cumbersome looking to improve
  • linxiaolan89
    The location is very good, it can be said almost Center of the ancient city, Feng Lin GE, attractions in the city can be reached on foot. the staff are very good. guests can order and dumpling pie cooking Chinese food, Western food.
  • bulldogi
    Good location, every time I go to live here
  • belinda_meng
    Very comfortable, cost-effective ultra-high, I give praise, Oh
  • bluceyi
    Nice, very nice, very convenient, Datong is a good choice.
  • e03554246
    Services did not have to say a very good hotel, breakfast very rich. rooms are clean, warm and four bottles of free mineral water daily, also fruit gift. parking is very convenient ... in a word everything was satisfied with want to go lol
  • fu00001
    Well, next time
  • caryleung923
    The hotel is very clean, staff of high quality and good experience in five-star hotels than big
  • ilona_pp
    Value for money-good!
  • dream128
    Environment is super nice, rooms are a little small but very clean every day and will send the fruit from very close to the ancient city walls, the location!
  • gary999
    Datong drum tower south Garden Hotel is there to 100?. within five minute walk to gate South of Yong Tai. Huayan Temple, nine dragon wall, Temple, all within walking distance. so, chose this hotel... stayed in Datong city, in the hotel.
  • necy1116
    Very good
  • cowadge
    very good place and easy access
  • sonicgt
    It wasn't too bad
  • ultrasusu
    Super recommend! good location, facilities good, staff is also super good, you can ask any advice on travel. breakfast, lunch dinner is also good-
  • flymomo
    Foreign guests are introduced to this hotel, good service, convenient location, and price is not expensive, it also provides a train station pick-up service (charges apply), basic is recommended. if attitudes towards not House guests can also better better.
  • e02300586
    Convenient, good location
  • dorisw
    Hotel is located at the center of the city wall area, very close the Datong city wall south section, Shanhua moanstery, Huanyue temple & the Nine-dragon screen all within 10-15 mins walking distance. McDonalds,KFC are nearby on the side commercial street. Railway station, Bus station are 10 mins by taxi. Hotel staff are friendly, communication is okay. Breakfast is great with lots of options. Room amenities are very good with lots of additional items (humidifier, clock, books, mini bar, shaving kit etc. to name a few) that are generally not always available in other hotels. I highly recommend this hotel in Datong City.
  • agllf2010
    Hotel is really tall! lots of foreigners, the environment is also very good food and very good! highly recommend yo!
  • toddlam1987
    Room facilities, health status, service, breakfast quality is quite satisfying. location away from Huayan Temple, Confucius Temple, very close to the drum tower, and within walking distance to, if considering the above attractions, recommended staying here, very convenient. the only lack is the room is too dry, open the humidifier doesn't work.
  • Ali65722852
    Great breakfast very good next to the atmosphere still live here
  • e01432093
    Surroundings very well.
  • apple_cn
    Hotel is surrounded by pedestrian street very convenient heating foot hot hot waiters were very good 5 stars received but it delivered the next day servings of fruit
  • e02421808
    Very happy with hotel gives all kinds of surprises! highlights please see photos!
  • aclus.long
    Pretty good
  • carrieng811
    Better than you think! prices high, really no wrong, belonging to Dan mood reviews are fake! result if unexpected! first choose travel! Gan Jing, counter friendly and warm, and fruits!
  • i55522700
    Very comfortable, safe set
  • biocpu
    Rooms at very good ~ the next opportunity came, also want to be able to stay.
  • smartfox624
    Each to Datong are live here, why this on service to poor assessment, really of is wants to said said has. hotel front desk, rooms service has been are good, but catering service is no. last staying, Chinese pastry super slow, thanks to has a excellent of restaurant manager, has capacity resolve guest of complained. This is September 20 staying of, 21st, breakfast to coffee, a surface no expression of male waiter to I took has a thin Cup, I said I wants to with that thick Cup, he only cold cold to said; Are as. second days breakfast time, I and to to coffee, also is this boys, said; first sat down, row's. thereafter, he is attentive to to several table of foreigners sent coffee to table Shang, and I of coffee always didn't to. busy good on walked away has, a Manager looks of girls in water's value Taiwan, I and waiter said, I to a cup coffee, waiter also does with that Manager said has, 5th, Taiwan to a cup coffee, but the girls no reaction, waiter and said has a again, stillNo reaction. I had to himself go to water's, then that boys out, does no reminds zhiqian commitment I of coffee, Cook has a Cup, still surface no expression to to has I. say said that bit female manager, I passing restaurant Shi wants to a plastic bagged cakes, at she on station in's Taiwan next, she let I to opposite small store find waiter to, results waiter and returned to's Taiwan, from table Shang took has a plastic bags to I. I then only understand, not she no plastic bags, but sheThink she is a Manager, take plastic bags so small her disdain to do, preferring to guest. n the stay at this hotel many times, never seen food and beverage executives, this is the problem. that would not live.
  • xingpeng2001
    That's good
  • alfred2000
    Breakfast was good
  • oldoiloiloil
    Recommended stay-