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Datong town rich GengDou culture

Date: 2014-08-20

Datong town rich GengDou culture
Datong is a experienced prosperity and decline of old docks. Ancient commercial city flourishing since ancient times, military fight BingXian, full-bodied GengDou culture, honest villagers temperament, businessman donated to build around the hall, preserved in a person of extraordinary powers curtilage courtyard, family ancestral temple, and follow a set of sacrificial class construction, form harmony with mountains, water, forest, beautiful natural humanities ecological environment, reflecting to the self-sufficient small-scale peasant economy historical style and features of The Times.
From the size of the terminal can see at that time, the prosperity of datong town, town gradually became added salt merchants, ship supply and repair the docking stations of the sails. Because of this, the most famous of datong is the forge, old ship with the small iron nails, iron tip has become the main industrial products of datong. The most prosperous, the town of not more than 300 households, has opened 60 home store while the iron is hot, and every business booming. Elders said, datong, then few quiet time, day and night tinkling sound while the iron is hot and the whir of the bellows with ship out to our Shouting, lively came out.
Now everything into the past, by land, new goods diversions of traffic, the legacy of wharf stone stairs cluttered, now was a merchant ship berthing, only a mother with a baby in the cover of the river water, will not cause the spacious terminal alone.
Blacksmith also gone decline down by merchant ships. Close today there are still a road, the bellows has not pull of choose and employ persons, while the iron is hot man bare arm sweat profusely, is no longer just the boat playing with small iron tools, only in the tinkling sound, there some elders also speak in a lively, can still turn the prosperity of ancient town far away.
Which city or town, have experienced a busy, clouds scud across today, the flower bloom and fade seems to be far away from the ancient people. Man of sitting on the threshold edge reading as easy as in sport street urchin, the history of the original style, attracted people to follow, experience, experience amorous feelings of life gone by. Blue bricks, arches, stone street, different dynasties in the different interpretation of the story.
Now the city of fashion, household electrical appliances shop is open in the ancient town, not much, but also with the smell of realistic society, the ancient town girl's high heels also immediately to traverse the bluestone steps. Seen the waterfall in chishui, danxia, sign, bamboo sea, walk town five-arched again, no matter how you can read in the history of nature and magic of nature thick and long