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Datong fire joint hotel personnel populated places the fire fighting practice

Date: 2014-11-30

To further do a good job in the winter fire safety and security and thorough going efforts to promote the winter training activities, to provide "Christmas" and "New Year's day" on duty before combat readiness work, at noon on December 17, datong city, Shanxi Province fire detachment secret squadron and datong sunshine holiday hotel carried out fire extinguishing practice.
This drill is to improve the level of fire fighting and rescue operations squadron public gathering places and organizations in the fire inspection forces command to cooperative engagement capability, rapid response, troops, for the successful completion of the "Christmas" and "New Year's day" during the fire security task to lay the solid foundation. Secret squadron fire engines were dispatched 6, 32 officers and men to participate in the exercise.
Exercise assumes that the sunshine holiday hotel guest room on the third floor because there was a fire electrical wiring short circuit, the fire quickly spread to the adjacent rooms, along the route cause fire from expanding, two workers were trapped. Because fire place too closed, the area is too large, fuel, fire load is big, the fire spread further expanded, and the hotel a total of 2 rooms burns, the fire burning through the window glass, spread through the window to the top.
"Fire", after the occurrence of hotel security guards quickly through the fire control room, open the emergency lighting lamps and lanterns and internal automatic fire extinguishing system and smoke control system, to take advantage of indoor fire hydrant to put out the fire early, and organize the hotel staff were evacuated, the general manager immediately call 119 report to the police.
17 when 13, head of the secret squadron received after 119 command center alarm, immediately launched the sunshine holiday hotel on duty battle plan, quickly rushed to the scene saves, and promptly report to the command center. 13 when 11 points, secret squadron arrived at the scene. According to the scene, the scene quickly established reconnaissance, rescue, fire fighting, evacuation, forcible entry, 7 combat team, such as water, alert unified command fire fighting.
13 17 points, when the fire quickly. At the scene of the rescue, fire officers and soldiers, according to the principle of "save first, science rescue", the rescue team in fire-fighting team, under the cover of early will be rescued 2 trapped personnel security, then at layer 3 floor rooms and the fire extinguishing group a layer of 4th floor room to storm the evacuation of trapped personnel; Evacuation team check the flame on the 4th floor and search, evacuation trapped personnel; High spray car set up water cannon fire, high control fire spread, water supply water supply team completes the scene. 13 when 35 points in six nozzle and a high water spray gun inside and outside, occupy the favorable position of infernal launch general situation, "fire" is completely extinguished.