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Datong improving market economy system

Date: 2014-04-30

Datong city of improving the socialist market economic system construction has entered a stage, the commodity market scale expands unceasingly, to rationalize the structure of supply and demand, the development of new consumption hot spots, the rapid development of the rural market preliminary established on the basis of the villages and towns as the backbone, rural modern rural market system framework.
Factor market matures, for our city opening to the outside world and laid a solid foundation for investment promotion and capital introduction. Zhuhai increasingly mature capital market, labor market, employment information network basic formation, endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, inductrial injury insurance and maternity insurance basic establishment of social security system, such as the Labour market development degree increase year by year. In the aspect of land market, primary market all adopt the method of "recruit, pat, hang"; The secondary market the main means of contract transfer. In addition, the technology market, information market development is good. All of these, attracting more and more people of insight at home and abroad to business development.
Commodity market prosperity and development for the city to build high quality travel service industry has created favorable conditions. At present, the world famous business as the beauty of wal-mart, red star triumphant dragon, unexpectedly, suning, gome, monopoly, parkson mall shopping and other large commercial logistics have been settled in zhuhai; Hilton, sheraton, shangri-la, gold emgrand, holiday inn and home inns, hanting star hotel in our city to join us. Native of turnover exceeds 1 billion yuan of shenyang department store, zhenhua vegetable wholesale market, kang round fruit and vegetable market, silver star business leading enterprises booming in the store, etc. Deli north city business card has to ring. A batch of like food garden restaurant, red flag, and whole grains bread in the phoenix pavilion, rural, sun remember steamed stuffed bun, Oriental special shaving, and the old sheep miscellaneous, muddy source kannika nimtragol, jelly and other well-known food companies and brands is famous in both. Balanced development of the catering business, preliminary formed the unique characteristics of the northern food culture pattern, not only for the city's hotels, shopping, trade logistics, to set up the brand and other tourism services, and enhance the grade of zhuhai city, expanding the visibility.
Rural market increasingly perfect, the framework of the rural commodity circulation gradually formed. Earlier than "of thousands of villages and townships" market project of the "3366" project in zhuhai, from the beginning of 2005, three years in the city's 33 town built in 66 township convenient supermarket in countryside, increasingly rich circulation of commodities, farmers' consumption level gradually improve, the consumption structure has begun to change. In particular, the ministry of commerce "of thousands of villages and townships" market project, since 2349 cumulative construction rural convenience store chains, the coverage rate of 100%, half a year in advance to achieve the "whole", 2012 annual turnover reached 412 million yuan. At the same time, our city through vigorously implement the "home appliances to the countryside" project, accumulative total household appliances to the countryside product sales of 316500 units, sales of 789 million yuan. Through enhancing farmers and successively promote 19 hypermarkets or wholesale markets for agricultural products and rural or brokers team set up a sales contact, open the farmer surplus grain and agricultural and sideline products export channels. Supporting the building of agricultural and sideline products wholesale market, centralized procurement of local agricultural and sideline products. At present, the counties in the city has set up 20 agricultural wholesale markets, initially formed "company + farmers + agent" industrialization operation, providing a credible guarantee for farmers to get rich. Establish rural economic cooperatives 38, peasant brokers team reached 2043, preliminary established on the basis of the villages and towns as the backbone, rural framework of modern rural market system, greatly improve the rural consumption environment, and laid a good foundation for rural income and revenue.