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2014 China datong summer vacation tourism year start in Beijing

Date: 2014-06-09

Cool and refreshing of datong city, the summer destination. A few days ago, Beijing gehua ticketmaster international conference hall, zhengda new century hotel, interactive warm happy and harmonious atmosphere, 2014 China datong summer vacation tourism year start ceremony held here, datong Beijing tourism market oriented comprehensive introduction of datong tourism culture resources, and launching series of preferential activities, to shape the "shall" datong tourism brand.
Tourism development committee of Beijing party secretary, director yu song, the Beijing municipal commission of tourism development liaison committee Zou Weina, provincial tourism bureau party secretary, director of jian-ping feng, guang-ming liu, general manager of cyts Tours, editor in chief of the China youth daily Zhang Kun, legends of China tourism group chairman Chen Zongbing and 35 capital mainstream media, more than 50's travel and tourism group leaders and business people in the capital, scholars and experts attended the launching ceremony.
Datong, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Joe lee, municipal committee, vice mayor cao cheng to attend the launching ceremony.
Datong summer vacation tourism year activities organized by the municipal government, municipal tourism bureau, municipal bureau, municipal Wen Guangxin bureau, datong international sculpture will be held during the 2014 biennale, snow beer festival, the 2014 China (datong) international automobile culture festival, northern wei datong ideal music festival 398, two lake and datong volcano park bicycle rally, Yang Gao Guoji health festival, Mid-Autumn festival ancient moon festival theme activities, such as drama stage, fascinating, and introduced the university entrance exam students summer period "price", VIP consumer travel packages, and other preferential activities.
Launch, with "cool, datong city, the summer destination" as the theme, to introduce the guests to the datong wonderful rich tourism and cultural resources, and the launch of the datong summer tourism year series of activities. Before the opening, the city of child troupe, city jin theater performances and datong cadastral original singer Gao Baoli, show the rich folk culture, the ancient capital of cool then followed promo picture beautiful, let a person yearning. Fuck learn honestly to introduce the guests to the datong history and culture, human nature and rich tourism resources, with particular emphasis on the advantaged summer resort in summer weather conditions. The coolness of datong, he said, is worthy of the name "shall", is located at 39.5 degrees north latitude, an average elevation of 1000 meters, summer the average temperature is 20 ℃, relative humidity 50%, especially in recent years, datong has improved the ecological environment, the blue sky white clouds become routine. Tourists visiting with his kind invitation to Beijing, melts into the humanities thick, charming city, enjoy the good ecological environment and a pleasant feeling of cool and refreshing shu shuang. Famous musicians xiao-dong xie to experience about with good experience, and introduces the positive cooperation with zhuhai to build 398 northern wei datong ideal music festival, invite people to share the passion with this summer. Yungang jianguo hotel and the city seven star hotel to the guest support commitments, celebrity chefs pasta performances were made amazing things, and so on.
Joe lee, yu song, jian-ping feng jointly launched the 2014 China datong summer vacation tourism year activities, and mark the VIP package card.