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Datong Prefecture Temple launched the "House Temple Summer" series of cultural activities

Date: 2013-08-01

Abstract: Datong Datong Prefecture is located in the ancient city of the southeast corner of Temple, Ming Yi initially converted from the cloud. Xuande years (AD 1427) build respectful hall, orthodox nine years (AD 1444) and built Chongwen Tower. Apocalypse four years (AD 1624) and Wild Goose Pagoda was built. Thus, the formation of a large-scale buildings. China House Science origins began roughly Yuan Wei Ping Cheng (now Datong) in book learning, Datong Prefecture Temple heritage for the world's first.

       2008 House Temple Datong start conservation and restoration projects, investment thirty million yuan, after nearly two years of construction, according to historical records as Datong government rebuilt Temple of respect by the Court, what side hall, East Gallery veranda, pavilion, Beilang , Panchi, Ling Xing Gate, the gates of righteousness, for the remaining six were restored ancient building, making the entire Temple covers an area of 40,000 square meters. Meanwhile remediation surroundings Temple House, Temple complex built a house in the axis south, north, east and west of the Cloud Road Square, Great Fang, Fang Yi Road, Eli Menfang. November 2010, the government officially completed Temple.

       China International Solar Decathlon held soon, to let more foreign participants and spectators who feel the Chinese culture, to understand the quintessence of Chinese culture, government Temple in August 2 to 15, will launch the "Temple of the Summer House" series of cultural activity.

House Temple since its opening, with its rustic style, beautiful environment attracts many tourists. Especially in cold, heat two holidays, has been a favorite of many students to tourists tourist attractions. Solar Race contestants many students, therefore, the government Temple launched special "Summer House Temple" series of cultural activities. During the event, all interested in the ancient musical instrument or have studied telephone or on-site visitors can participate in the "strike bell blessing" campaign, the Great Hall of the ancient Temple ringing bells musical instrument, feel the charm of traditional instruments. For visitors interested in Chinese culture with tickets will receive a special exquisite Temple House "Confucianism small gifts" copy. Local residents with ID can enjoy half-price concession tickets, students are entitled to "ten yuan ticket" deals this year, students participate in college entrance examination admission notice with free admission.